In the last year, I’ve discovered Pinterest.  What’s my most visited section? Food and Drink.  I was on fire–pinning recipe after recipe, with no intention of cooking any of it.  See I lucked out- I married Tom.  He loves Cook Out, pasta, macaroni and cheese (see how this has it’s own category) and hot dogs… and I’m a pro at them all!  Every school year our time is jam-packed with no time for me to learn how to cook.  In the summers, we’ve always spent most of the time out of town, where the meals come from my parents, his parents, or our beloved Cook Out.  This year we even mastered the art of getting other people to cook for you.  See, people who enjoy cooking will cook your meals for you, as long as you chip in for groceries.

Then this summer came…The year that Tom is truly working 40 hour weeks from home and I have “nothing to do.”  I mean, of course I have stuff to do… but not enough to keep me busy for 40 hours during the week!  I avoided cooking as long as I could.  Laundry was done, desk was finally clean, the filing cabinet was reorganized, the insurance company was called, the sink was empty, I had gone to the pool, I had gone out for a run (ok, a walk with grandma jogging spaced in the middle)… and I was pacing back and forth in the living room, tired of watching my How I Met Your Mother marathon.

So I got back on Pinterest.  This time, with the intention of finding something to do, rather than something to drool over.  One of the most popular items on there are the White Chicken Enchiladas.  I had all of the ingredients except for green chilis, which a quick trip to HT solved.

*Skip 2 paragraphs on how silly it was that I was nervous, and how I giggled when the sauce melted together like it was supposed to*

They actually came out great!  We ate, we were merry, Tom even ate some green chilis (might be our first un-Ranched vegetable from our kitchen).  We’re going to overlook the fact that those things are REALLY bad for you (go ahead, you calorie-conscious gals… put White Chicken Enchiladas in your Fitness Pal…), and call this a success.

Look at me.  I’m growing!  (inside and out if I keep eating those enchiladas)Image



Day 46

In the past month, Cat’s gotten x-rays and Bo’s gotten over his really really long cold.  Cat apparently has “shallow sockets” meaning it’s easier for his hip pop in and out of joint, which might explain the limp.  He has medicine he could take if it gets bad… kind of like us taking medicine for migraines, but with cat pain medicine… being a pharmacists daughter and sister, having meds to fall back on is always comforting 🙂

Cat: 50% of the time wants to play with Bo, and 50% of the time meows a “geroff!!” when he’s attacked.  Spent 2 days this weekend hiding from Mike and Kir, then came out for 10 minutes to visit (miracle!!)
Bo:  Enjoyed the extra company of Mike and Kir, but started missing Cat and got all mopey until he came out.  Still likes people food.
Tom: “I always knew we’d spend a lot of money on those cats…”
Me: Still locks up the kitten in the study, cuts on the fan to drown out the meowing, and guiltlessly go to bed without interruption every night.  I’m a cold hearted soul.

Most of the cats’ playing still consists of Bo chasing Cat, but Cat really does seem to enjoy it lately… especially when he’s “winning” and sitting on Bo.  He’s not a morning person, so if the kitten tries to jump on him before 10am, it gets smacked pretty hard until Cat can retreat under the bed, but in the twilight hours, they’re buds.

So for those of you out there wanting to “introduce a new cat to the old one,” it’ll take TONS of patience and time, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how crotchety your old cat is ;).

Day 27

In Pine Level, I have a dog named Sophie.  When I lived there, I would roll up in my car and see Sophie laying in the shade watching a squirrel eat her dog food.  As soon as she saw my car though, she’d chase the squirrel away.  Cat’s kind of acting the same way (or, I guess, opposite).  When I walk into a room that both of the cats are in, Cat’s in the pounce position at the kitten, looking like he’s ready to play… but when he sees me, Cat jumps on to the furniture, gives a very pitiful “meow,” and starts licking his paw.  Bo pops out of his hiding spot to find his playmate, then playfully bats at him only to get smacked in the head by Cat and hissed at.  Ahhhh the behaviors of the feline.

Cat: Got tackled by Bo jumping from the bed and is hobbling like a pirate with a wooden leg– not really limping, but still something we’re keeping an eye on… might have to call the vet later.
Bo: Likes Ranch dressing.  Will jump onto the counter and lick off anything that’s had Ranch on it.  Still sneezing- mostly on Tom 🙂
Tom: Reclaimed the office with my help.  I’m the heartless one that can easily ignore the crying kitten and lock him out so Tom can work.  Without me, he’s hopeless.  Bo attacks pencils, lays on documents he’s using, and snuggles with the computer trackpad.
Me: Glad school is back in session.  I stress way too much over these kittens and am learning that I’m worse than an overbearing and overprotective parent.  I’m an overprotective pet owner (my poor vet).  I’m not a Godwin girl without a little bit of stress in my life to keep me going, so I’m glad the time of the year has come that I have to spread my stress thin 🙂

They’re still not allowed to be in the apt “together” and alone, because frankly I think Bo will harass the fur off of Cat if he is allowed to play with him all day, but I’m thinking by about Day 400 they’ll be about normal 😉

Day 18

They played! I mean it was play fighting, but I’m telling you they did it.  Cat was sitting on the end table, Bo underneath it, and they were batting at each other (no hissing or growling).  Finally!

Cat: Affronted when the kitten was allowed in the bedroom tonight.  I’m planning on putting Bo up in his room later, since it’s only 9:30, but Cat doesn’t know that and is (once again) hissing at him.  The door is cracked and when the kitten leaves, Cat stands guard for a while to make sure he doesn’t try to come back in.
Bo: Yesterday put his head in Cat’s mouth while Cat was hissing at him- like he was smelling his breath.  Cat didn’t care.  Bo’s still sneezing, but we emailed the vet who said to give the cat cold some time to pass before we bring him in, as he might not need medicine.  Also, he’s learned to “play dead” when Cat has him cornered.
Tom:  Recuperating from having 4 wisdom teeth taken out, but hasn’t really spent a day in bed yet (that’s what tomorrow’s for).
Me: Now that I know that Cat isn’t using claws to bat at the kitten, I get a strange satisfaction when Cat smacks Bo.  I know the kitten will just keep coming back to “play” with his new friend, so it makes me laugh.

Meanwhile, I got a new MacBook Pro!! On top of saving $200 with a teacher discount and tax free, we got a free $100 iTunes card and a free printer! BAM!

Day 16

We’re letting the kitten roam free in the house for a few hours during the day.  His favorite pastime is sneaking up on Cat’s tail and running away, knowing Cat’s not going to chase him far (lazy old man).  Cat’s favorite thing is to sit between Bo and a room he wants to go into, and block his path, hissing at Bo if he comes within 3 feet of the doorway.  It’s like a teenager and his younger brother, torturing each other for fun.

Bo: We think he has an upper respiratory infection.  His eyes have this nasty green mush in them, and he is sneezing more frequently.  He’s going to the vet tomorrow.
Cat: Hissed and growled at Bo all day except when Bo looked really sick.  Then he let the kitten sit next to him in peace rather than scaring him off.  Kind of cute.
Tom: Worked at the dining room table all day.  When he is finished with scrap paper, he crumples it up and tosses it across the room.  Bo fetches it.
Me: Worried Cat’s going to get sick now… cried when Bo looked really sick… decided one day I’ll be a very high-strung mom.

I think Cat is warming up to the kitten.  When Bo was sleeping it off earlier, Cat waited outside of his door for him to wake up (so he could hiss at him).  I don’t think Bo has ever NOT liked Cat.  He chirps the most when he’s near him.

Day 14

Up until today, it’s all been the same- separate kitties, giving each of them a chance to roam the house.  The only “event” was taking Bo to the vet (I love our vet!).  He got his last boosters, we “declared” him a birthday of April 13th (no idea why) and he is already proving to be different from Cat in personality.  Cat at the vet hides and tries to climb the wall to get away from the stranger.  Bo finished exploring the room by the time the vet came back so he stood at the door, waiting for a chance to roam the rest of the hospital.

Tom’s been manning the cats back at home this weekend, keeping them separated while I was at the beach with the folks.  When I got back today, Cat and Bo had their first face-to-face meeting, thus the new post.  Bo was in his carrier, Cat roamed around him.  Apparently we’re supposed to encourage the idea that Cat is the leader of the house, and the kitten beneath him.  Seems wrong, but I’m following instructions diligently.

Cat: Went from hissing, to growling, and is now snarling at the kitten.  He walked past the cage a few times and attacked it with his chunky paw, then ran away.
Bo: Seemed not phased by Cat’s rudeness.  Sometimes would provoke him by swatting at his tail through the carrier.  Had his first visit to our bedroom and officially has made it under every piece of furniture except the trunk.  Bo spent his time there pulling all of the toys Cat lost out from under the dresser and playing with them.
Tom: Is much better than this than I am.  I think he’s going to be ready to get his office back when all of this is over.  Tom also introduced me to River Monsters today.
Me: Found more articles online telling me about all of the fights my cats are going to get in while they’re getting used to each other.  Sunburnt- bad time to have clawed cats.

I think I’ve said it before, but Cat seems a lot happier since we got the kitten.  I mean he’s pissed on a lot of levels, but overall he’s coming out more to play, spending less time under the bed, and pretty much loving having something to harass through the day.  (Ahh to have ever been an older sibling 😉 )

Day 8: Meet Bo

We’ve temporarily named the kit “Bo” after my teddy bear.  I always told Tom I was going to name my firstborn child after Bo Bear, but he thought this was a better alternative.

Cat: Only hisses when he hears or sees Bo in the study.  Otherwise he’s back to normal- eating, hanging out, and making sure he lays in the middle of the bed at night to push me or Tom to the edge.
Bo: He likes having forts made… blankets over furniture.  He will go into the fort, burst out of a corner, then run back under again.
Tom: Has officially moved his “office/rehearsal area” to the dining room because Bo’s craziest hours are between 10pm and 2am, Tom’s optimal work time.
Me: Was out running errands for a lot of the day, cleaned some (Bo didn’t like the vacuum), and just hung out in the room with Bo.

As promised, pictures to match the name.  Picture 1: Bo sleeping, Picture 2: Bo hiding behind the books in our bookshelf (last night he knocked a lot of the books off).  Cutie, huh?